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Timothy Ketelaar's Current Research

Papers in Preparation or Under Review

Ketelaar, T., Koenig, B. L., Davis, J., & Wells, L. (in preparation). Why big guy's don't smile: Emotional displays of status in big and small football players.

Ketelaar, T., Davis, J., & Kluengle, M. (in preparation). Facial displays of emotion in folk versus elite advertisements.


Ketelaar, T., Koenig, B., Burkett, B. & Davis, M. (in prep). Money, muscles and smiles: Inferring Generosity and Physical Dominance from smiles.


Ketelaar, T., Tost, J., Davis, M. & Russell, D. (in prep). Inferring Personality and Physical traits from emotional displays.

Last updated February 2007